Try before you buy and how to do it RISK FREE

45 day trail 45 day trail 45 day trail

While going to brick and mortar stores become less and less necessary, the fear of being stuck with a purchase is very real in our online shopping era. We help take that fear out by having our 45 Night Risk Free Trial period with 100% money back guarantee, AND a 10 year warranty if you decide to keep it.

When comparing traditional memory foam with our modern made memory foam.

AeroBreathe AeroBreathe

Early memory foam models and users of outdated foam have been shown to create hot spots, sink more, and have a short lifespan. All this leads to having a mattress quicksand effect, horrible spine support, and nights that lead to body aches and pains. Which lead to development of our signature AeroBreathe® foam, to regulate temperature at night and help have a more comfortable nights rest. Another perk is the responsiveness of AeroBreathe which leads to having has less recoil! This means it cradles the body to support each section of your body naturally. It will not recoil against your weight to prop you up in an unnatural position the way other mattresses do. Along with our other layers, this lead to the type of sleep everyone deserves.


What is AeroBreathe®?

- Squeeze the foam and feel the air rush out

- AeroBreathe® is a unique air channels formation to help circulate air and to pull heat away from the body. You can test it out for yourself! Squeeze the foam and feel the air rush out! Our AeroBreathe® also includes modern Cooling Gel material which helps regulate body temperature. Whereas competitors have outdated foam known to create hot spots and wear down quickly, our mattresses are built to last and be of the highest possible quality and provide perfect comfort.

Scientifically Designed Multi-layer System


Our bodies are complex, there’s no doubt about that. We move, jump, run, skip and at the end of every night we rest. While not as complex, our mattress features a multi-layer system designed to adjust, relax, and comfort our bodies for a perfect night’s rest. As our foundation we use a High-Density base layer to encourage support and reduce motion transfer at night. Over that we have an air flow support layer designed to keep a steady airflow through the entire mattress. To top it off we have our signature AeroBreathe® Gel infused Layer, scientifically designed to eliminate hot spots and to create a more comfortable nights rest.

bedinbox bedinbox bedinbox

Is memory foam safe? Has testing been done?

- Absolutely! We hold two quality and safety assurance certificates


CertiPUR-US applies to foam material, this ensures that our product it is made without: ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP/TCEP (Flame retardants), mercury, lead, other heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and has a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission


Oeko-Tex 100 certificate applies to all fabric and knitted items, in our case our bamboo knit cover. It is a similar certificate to CertiPUR that ensures high quality material and is free from harmful chemicals (Lead, formaldehyde, mercury, Etc.)

We surround all our mattresses with a Bamboo knit fiber cover. Why?

Several studies have shown that bamboo fiber is much softer than cotton and much more durable. It’s a better resource due to the fact that it’s highly sustainable (World’s fastest growing plant) and earth friendly. Natural elements in bamboo make it naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and wicks away sweat!

Do you have the correct bedframe?

adjustable boxspring slated

More than likely the answer is yes, our mattresses fit almost every box spring, slated frame, or adjustable frame. If your old mattress fit, chances are ours does too.

Why a bed in a box?


It’s easy and compact to ship anywhere for free! Don’t have to worry about going up stairs or bending around corners to set it up! Just place the box wherever you wish and open.

Where are we based? And where do our products come from?

adjustable adjustable adjustable

Everything we design and think of happens in our headquarters here in California, We source all of our foam materials from BASF, an international company based in Ludwigshafen, Germany. All products are manufactured in a certified and vetted factory in Shanghai, China.

Have peace of mind with our Risk-Free 45 days trail period! See what real Amazon cutomers have to say!


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